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Some Quick Facts
What does CodeRig do?
The world is going mobile. Every day thousands of new mobile applications are being deployed around the globe. Innovators and entrepreneurs with great ideas outsource the development to app developers. It is a well-known fact that developers, though they do a certain amount of quality analysis, in most cases would have left behind usability and functional defects. The quality assurance done by an independent testing company, who does a thorough final set of tests encapsulating all the possible real time scenarios an actual user might face while using the application, is a pre-requisite before deploying it on the market.
CodeRig can do the Usability, Functionality and Accuracy testing of any type of mobile application that is designed to work on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile and submit detailed, in-depth analysis of the performance. CodeRig has devised a scientific process of ensuring quality for your applications by following a strict guideline based testing format including manual and automation testing.
What kind of applications do you test?
We test all kind of mobile applications that can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. We can test applications ranging from financial, business, productivity to even games. We can also test real time GPS based applications on the field. We can test applications that need additional hardware, however this should be provided by the client.
However we currently do not support applications that are not in English.
We want to make the pricing as simple as possible. CodeRig charges a man-hour rate of $20. The starter plan for demo testing of any mobile app would be $200, which would be 10 hours worth of testing. Further testing involved will be estimated by the team and a custom quote will be submitted for your approval. If the testing involved requires more than a month worth of testing, we can provide a custom quote.
CodeRig also welcomes long-term contracts at a negotiated price. For a detailed quote, please contact us directly at:
How do I submit my app for testing?
There is a button on the home page image area as well as a link on the top menu area - "Submit Your App". Click on this and an app submission form opens up for submitting your details as well as that of the app. Once we have your info, one of our senior sales team member will be contacting you to discuss the next steps. Please note that we will not ask you to send the application files before talking to you.
For doing testing with automated testing tools for accuracy, we will need the build files of the app provided by the application developer. The build file formats are: .apk for Android, .ipa for iOS and .cab for Windows Mobile.
In case, if you want us to do manual testing for usability and functionality, we can download the App from the corresponding AppStore if it is already deployed. For all paid apps, the app charges will be billed to the client.
What kinds of testing are provided by CodeRig?
CodeRig provides three kinds of testing for mobile applications:
Usability Testing: It is done to determine how the system behaves when real user interact with system or how user friendly it is. Our experienced team will test all the user elements of each screen, document the user experience as a typical user of the app, analyze easy alternate ways of accommodating a function if possible, make suggestions, look at the overall betterment of the app in terms of usability. Testing can be done on certain areas or on entire application as well on the basis of the client requirement.
Functionality Testing: Purpose of Functional testing is to check whether the application meets the functionality as per the client's requirement. We refer to Business requirement document (BRD) and/or client inputs to a certain level to understand the client needs and then prepare different Test scenarios as well as Test cases. We will also perform Defect tracking based on this. Entire Functional testing is done on real devices.
Accuracy Testing: This kind of testing is to analyze the accuracy and preciseness of the application as per the client needs. For this type of testing, we analyze how the application behaves in any situation and compare the response retrieved from application for different criteria with the expected result that is manually arrived at. This is a fully automated process where in we write scripts on software testing tools to create various input scenarios and record the responses from the mobile application.
After the testing, we will be creating detailed testcases in Microsoft excel format with data results after test execution. The testcase spreadsheets will display the PASS/FAIL statuses as well as defects we have encountered.
We will be delivering a detailed test report containing the explanation, screenshots, video links etc. of all the tests that we have run, where in a defect was encountered.
A detailed bug report also will be submitted, containing detailed explanation of the defects as well as a summary of the bugs.
Please click here to see a sample deliverable package.
How long it will take?
For the initial demo testing we will deliver the reports within 48 hours from the start. Further testing will be estimated and a detailed timeline will be given as a proposal.
Is there any need for an interaction between me (the client) and CodeRig?
If you have a Business Requirement Document (BRD), there is no interaction needed from your end unless and until we have questions. In the case of non-availability of a requirement specification, we will be requiring an initial meeting over phone/skype with you to understand the applications internal functional flow (as expected by the client).
However, if you want us to do a manual test mimicking a real time user without any kind of knowledge of the app's workflow, we can also do that. This would not require any kind of interaction from you.
Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Yes. We can. In fact we advice all our clients to do the same. Our Non-Disclosure Agreement format can be found by clicking here. If you have another one, please feel free to send it to us.